Summer houses and potting sheds in Surrey

Summer houses from Browns Garden Buildings provide an idyllic getaway in your own garden.

Made tool_shedfrom the best quality materials and built to your own specification our summer houses will let you enjoy your garden all year round. All of our garden sheds can be bespoke to your personal needs and tastes whether it’s a quiet office space, studio or just somewhere to relax.


Will I need Planning permission for my summer house?


Most garden buildings won’t require planning permission however there are some exceptions;


  • You live in a listed building and the garden building will be more than 10 square meters.
  • You live in a conservation area, national park, area of outstanding beauty or The Broads and want to add a building over 10 square metres.
  • You wish to use the building for a business or even to store materials for a business.
  • The structure will be more than 3m high or 4m high if it has a ridged roof.
  • More than half the original area surrounding your house will be taken up by the new building.
  • The new building is going to be nearer to the road than your house.

If you have any questions about planning permission then please visit or extensive planning permission web page

What kind of base will I need for my summer house?


We would always recommend a good solid base for your summer house, preferably concrete at least 100mm deep and with at least 50mm above the ground level to prevent standing water damaging your summer house.


Location – Make sure that you know where the sun shines in your garden first thing in the morning and last thing on an evening and plan to position your summer house accordingly.


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