Yes we recommend a further coat of the Royal timber care treatment by Protek after manufacture. This can be obtained from us at the point of purchase or from any good paint supplier.

The maximum size is 20’0” (6.096m) long x 20’0” (6.096m) wide. Specials can be made over this size “By Design”.

The minimum Size is 8’0” (2.438m) long x 6’0” (1.829m) wide. Specials can be made below this size “By Design”.

Generally we require a level access into the site with a minimum width of 1m to bring the building sections through. We can make exceptions to this but require prior notice and if possible a full site survey. We will also require access to the front of the property to off load your garden building.

We offer our service across the United Kingdom; however there are areas that will incur a delivery surcharge. Please telephone our help line to confirm.

Yes, you can choose any building from our garden building range and go to our “By Design” section to create your unique building.

We recommend that a level concrete base is laid before your shed is installed. In order to minimize ingress of water this base should be undersized by a maximum of 25mm overall i.e. 12.5mm in each dimension.

We have contractors throughout the UK and can offer a disposal service in most areas.

If your building is less than 15m2 building regulations do not apply. If your building is between 15m2 and 30m2 and is more than 1m from the boundary building regulation do not apply.

Please refer to the Technical section under planning permission. In General terms if the building is within 2m of a boundary it cannot exceed 2.5m in height. If it is over 2m from the boundary it must not exceed 4m high.

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